Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Mini-Session 8.5

"You could have knocked first, you know."

Previously, on Dragon Ball—wait, what? Wrong show? My bad. It’s because Zhi and Richard just recruited a new cabal member who is a big fan of anime in general. Celeris also happened to deliver us some neat magical items: a Mana Bowl that helps to preserve the mana that comes from the Hallow, and the Tearstone, which is basically a portable locus for Maxwell. She showed some of her techniques to the team, and we readily accepted her into our cabal. No, we are not super secretive, especially with people who already know our secrets.

Speaking of secrets, guess who knew where Zhi’s sanctum was? A group of mages who want to “borrow” it for a few days. It all started with some wounded mage named Mary who came by the dojo. She asked for help, claimed she was attacked, and on top of that, invoked the Right of Hospitality, which essentially required us (as a Council cabal) to provide for her for about a week. Zhi and Richard didn’t trust her immediately since she knew we were mages, knew where the sanctum was, and then claimed that she “sensed” the sanctum. Despite not trusting her, we went to check out the scene, which turned out to actually look like a fight, except there were no police or anything covering the scene, which made us think it was set up. We went back to the dojo, found nothing amiss, and called it a day.

That night, Zhi was rudely awakened at gunpoint. Despite wanting to lash out at the offenders, he tried to reason with him because, even though he’s an master at kung fu and knows magic, that’s a gun less than a foot from his face. After a short scene of conversation, the group of mages didn’t KO Zhi and instead brought him into the next room to wake up Richard. Richard, however, did not get to walk out of the room on his own. He was very vocally pissed off at what happened, and after saying something along the lines of “How about I take the girl and we call it even?” he gets leveled by a sleep spell. The leader, who was identified as Peregrine, asked Zhi if “the werewolf” would react the same way. He replied, “I don’t think he could take the three of you, but I wouldn’t want to be in the room when you wake him.” So Peregrine decided not to let Maxwell wake up and just send him into a deeper sleep.

Upon reaching the sanctum, Zhi asks to go into the other room, and promptly “cleans the fridge” so that they can’t use the Hallow. When he comes back, he hears a sharp whistle and doesn’t hear Maxwell shout out or anything, but still hears shuffling of feet. He realizes it must be Mary, and that she is working with them. He walks over and sees her with the other mages. He asks Peregrine if he can get one punch in for the betrayal. He says sure. Zhi turns, looks at Mary, and cleanly knocks her on her ass. He then promply sits down as he feels the sleep spell hit him so that he doesn’t just fall on the floor. He fell asleep smiling.



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