Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Session 12 5/21/11

Q: Are you serious, 16 damage? A: Yup. R: That's it, I'm done.

Alright, today we got in somewhere around 10 hours of gaming. Pretty epic. There is no way I’m going to remember and/or even know all of the stuff that went on today. Please fill in the blanks. And if this isn’t wonderfully flowing verse, sue me, I just started this at about 1:30am

EDIT – Mike


Okay, so we finished the game of tag with Misaki. Ended up in the cleaning supply aisle of WalMart. Maxwell did a pelican kick to the back of her head and knocked her out. Of course, in retrospect, it wasn’t a brilliant idea to be the gruff-looking figure standing menacingly over the sexy naked asian chick…

Quick thinking from Sterling solved the naked problem, and Richard took care of the video evidence (some door melting was involved). The group took Misaki back to Maxwell’s place (now known as “The Den”). A few hours later she woke up and punched Maxwell right in the face. Alexis and Maxwell had to put her under, which was done with another pelican kick (courtesy of Maxwell… it’s like he has a thing against the backs of people’s heads).

Alexis was informed by Adam that Weasel (Vampire “Broker”) had some information about a potentially potent artifact that she might be interested in. Based on rumors about Weasel’s “Business Ethic,” Alexis enlisted the help of the group, just in case things got interesting. And that, dear readers, is called an “understatement.”

In the warehouse where the rendezvous was to take place, the group found Weasel, currently arguing with an attractive redhead. When the readhead saw Maxwell walk into the room, she exclaimed “Fuck,” to which Maxwell replied “… You’re supposed to be dead.”

Turns out that Katherine is alive, still hot as hell, and still in over her head. She wants whatever the information was that Weasel was going to barter to Alexis, which isn’t the best position to be in, all things considered. While Katherine and Alexis argued over who was leaving with the information, Maxwell calmly spoke to Weasel and appealed to his sense of self-preservation. Basically, he told Weasel that if the Vampire didn’t hand the information over to Maxwell, he was going to be killed. Of course, he was a bit more verbose and eloquent than that, but that’s a pretty good summation.

Maxwell ended up with a manilla folder, and Weasel (after a healthy dose of ass-kicking) ended up bound, torpid, and in the back of a car. The group learned that Katherine was being blackmailed by the Cult of Set and her brother was being used as leverage. The group escorted her to her meeting point, after allowing enough time for Alexis to read through the folder and decide if the information was worth anything to her. Alexis, also in the Cult of Set, decided now was a good time to meet possible other players in town…

The Session

So we started off with nobody wanting to recap but managed it through a combined effort. We brought Katherine to a meeting with vampires that were blackmailing her and all of us decided to intrude on the meeting in our own way. Maxwell followed her in through the Shadow Realm. Alexis snuck around until Kat asked her what she was up to and she just followed her in normally. The rest of us had the sound of our footsteps reduced by Zhi, and found our way outside the meeting room through Richard’s use of some detection type spells. Richard then used a little alteration magic on himself and the four of us listened in on the meeting.

General outcome of the meeting: Katherine hands in the information, and is told “good, now go get the actual object.” Object in question is a large dagger made of a single piece of silver, used in some ritual that involves augmenting the strength of the gauntlet. She ends up leaving with Alexis, who spent most of the “meeting” sizing up the other two vampires.

The meeting went well I think, but I’m not really sure. My memory of it was erased by what came next. Maxwell popped out of the Shadow Realm and decided to have a personal chat with Jasmine and Kurt. He sort of offered to work for the vamps in place of Katherine. It ended with him pulling an epic neck snap on Kurt to create a job opening. Richard came over to make sure Max was alright (the rest of the group was down the hall at the time, the door had been shut, and we only heard a yelp and a thud) and laid his eyes upon a voluptious dead body … err I mean she was undead, it was a vampire. Deavas are hot, and apparently Richard is somewhat into dead chicks now (get it, get it, cause he had sex with her later).

On with it. So apparently we agreed to help retrieve this dagger artifact. We went to the old mental care wing of the hospital. There was a conversation between Max and a tree spirit. Richard was thrilled because he got to start tossing out a boatload of Spirit arcanum spells. We came across bandaged alive and dead animals, and a pain sprirt called Thumbscrew. Between Max talking to it and Alexis feeding it, Thumbscrew agreed to lend us some aide. It brought us to what was actually a Ridden guy named Doc. He was crazy and had been taking a drill to some poor fellow. Richard tried to stop him and got put into a hold. Thankfully Sterling pulled him out of it. Maxwell negotiated a trade: The Weasel for the Dagger. The Doctor, being fascinated at the prospect of working on an ambulatory corpse (well, potentially ambulatory) agreed to the trade, and the group walked away with the dagger to the sounds of The Doctor trying to Defibrulate Weasel. We managewd to save the man’s life as well.

In the interim between obtaining the dagger and the meeting with the Cult of Set to hand over the Dagger Richard decided to pay a house call to Jasmine, the voluptuous dead body. He needed some mana, so with some preporatory spells cast, he went off to screw Jasmine’s (dead) brains out. Maxwell bound a toad spirit to Katherine’s locket, allowing it to absorb the psychic energy inherent to Kuruth. Alexis deciphered the cryptographic symbols on the dagger. Roughly translated, the symbols read “One predator breaks, another strengthens.” Worried, Alexis contacted Iana to inform her of the developments and asked for her counsul. Iana said that this particular cell of the cult was led by brooding, scheming kindred (Kind of redundant, but whatever) named “Anna.” Iana’s advice was to not give over the Dagger.

Maxwell and Alexis went into Maxwell’s room to discuss the situation. Maxwell tried to ascertain if the dagger could be corrupted or otherwise disabled. Trying to contact the spirit within the blade caused the blade to burst into flames, which freaked the hell out of Alexis. So alone, with the room stinking of vampire urine, Maxwell decided to try to figure out what the ritual for the weapon might be. After cutting himself with the silver blade and doing an improvised ritual, Maxwell felt the strength of the surrounding gauntlet drop significantly. The effect only lasted for about an hour, but it was disconcerting that an improper, improvised ritual could accomplish such a task.

Both Maxwell and Alexis had reservations about handing over the dagger, but Maxwell thought it might be possible to disable it. He asked Richard if it was possible to hex it or unravel the powers within the blade. Richard attempted to manipulate the structural integrity of the blade, but suffered a serious flash of magical feedback, in the form of a fireball that erupted from the blade. The wounds themselves practically dripped with arcane residue, and neither Richard nor Zhi could tend to them magically. Richard was forced to go to the hospital to seek mundane medical attention. He owes Dr. Owens a favor now. She may or may not ask for sex again.

At an impasse for what to do, Davey Suggested that the group contact Anabelle and the Lorekeepers.

[I wasn’t actually present for this part of the session, as I was packing, so if anyone wants to add what happened with Annabelle, that would be great}

With the time up and the meeting upon them, they returned to the apartment building. Maxwell, Katherine, and Alexis went to the meeting, while Zhi, Sterline, Richard, and Davey kept watch outside. Maxwell’s bargain was the dagger in exchange for the release of Katherine’s brother. Initially, Anna didn’t want to go for it, but in the face of a stalemate, Maxwell delivered the dagger, right into the floor between her feet. She told Katherine her brother would “be released,” and the group turned to leave. On the way out, Katherine became stricken with the fear that the vampires were going to doublecross her and doubled back. Maxwell and Alexis came out of the apartment building where the meeting was held, and Maxwell told Zhi and Richard to prepare for things to get interesting. Zhi mentioned that there was a van full of men across the street that had been there since Anna had arrived, so the task was set. Richard went “Super Saiyan,” and then pumped up Maxwell’s strength before heading into the building. Maxwell warned Richard to kill Katherine if he had to, stating that if the vampires need werewolf blood for the ritual, then Katherine would either offer herself up to save her brother or try to subdue Maxwell.

Maxwell summoned the beast within himself and shed his human form, donning the Urshul form in mid sprint. After calling upon the swiftness of Father Wolf, he sped into the van parked across the street under the cover of Alexis’s specially manipulated shadows, smashing into the broad side of the van with the force of a large truck. The van flipped three times before landing on it’s side, slowly turning. Alexis, who had found a perch in a safe place, took well-aimed shot at the overturned vehicle and took out the driver. Sterling and Zhi stand poised to act, with Maxwell preparing to tear the van open like a can of corned beef hash.

Meanwhile, Richard rushed up the stairs to see Katherine flying back through an open doorway (seems to be a theme with werewolves lately), her ample chest both revealed and mangled grossly by the spread effect of a point-blank shotgun blast. Going through the doorway he came face to face with said shotgun, and the Gangrel behind it. Before Kurt could react Richard, with quick reflexes and an even quicker flourish of his blade, managed to sever Kurt’s tenuous connection to the mortal coil, rendering him torpid in a single strike. He returned to the unconscious Katherine, and began trying to get her back on her feet (while trying to admire her bare bits beneath the blood and mangled flesh).

Where We Left Off


  • Richard is outside the room tending to Katherine.
  • Maxwell, Zhi, Davey, Sterling, and Alexis are outside, poised to continue the onslaught upon the unfortunate persons in the overturned van.


  • Katherine is Unconscious but mostly healed
  • Kurt is torporiffic
  • Anna, Jasmine, and a 4th vamp are MIA
  • People in the van aren’t faring too well…



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