Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Session 13: 6/11/2011

This is going to be a bit of a quick post.

During this session, the group outside managed to obliterate the poor saps in the van, who turned out to be in fact mercenaries hired to kill the party. The group kept one alive as a hostage and forced him to take them to the location where The Vamps had escaped to. Having rejoined the group, Richard went along.

In a field near where the group encountered the pure, the vamps had set up a bonfire and were performing some sort of ritual. Katherine’s brother was trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey on a table, getting ready to be the sacrificial "lamb,’ so to speak.

Maxwell summoned a rainstorm to douse the fire and disrupt the ritual, but Anna was not disturbed in the slightest. The rest of the group took cover in the trees around the clearing to prep for a few seconds before the battle kicked off.

The events are a bit of a blur, but suffice to say, asses were kicked, bad guys were defeated, the brother was saved (and is now a werewolf), and everyone lived happily ever after (the term “lived” is used fairly loosely here). Katherine parted ways with Maxwell on neutral terms. Maxwell’s parting words to her were “Past is past. Take care of your brother.”

In the time that followed Alexis has disappeared, The party has licked their collective wounds, trained a bit, and mastered a few new tricks.



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