Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Session 14: 06/24/11

"Dude... where are your pants?"

It has been three weeks since the group faced off against the vampire Anna and rescued Katherine’s brother. So far, it has been relatively quiet.

Almost. For the last week, someone or something has been killing off anything with a hint of supernatural “je ne sais quois” about them. Everything from Changelings to Werewolves, even the pseudo-supernatural denizens of Plattsburgh have come under attack, including psychics, sleepwalkers, and “low mages.” So far a dozen deaths have been attributed this person/creature.

Meanwhile, a group of people calling themselves The Enforcers are making a bit of a name for themselves. They have styled themselves modern superheroes, and as such are fairly flip about using their abilities in plain view of the mundane mortal flock.

The night this story began, the group was gathered at Zhi’s dojo, discussing what to do about the enforcers and the entity that is behind the deaths recently. Suddenly, there was an urgent knock on the door. Richard answered, and it was none other than Gabriel, looking like he had seen more than he could handle.

As it turns out, there’s a rogue hunter in town by the name of Elijah Harris, And he wants Gabe’s head for something that happened about 3 years ago. Gabe stayed long enough to clean himself up and warn the group about Elijah, and that supernatural abilities don’t function properly around him, before heading back out into the night. Less than 5 minutes later, there was another knock on the door.

Zhi, having disguised himself as a sleeper, answered the door. Before him stood a figure dressed all in black, sporting a cowboy had and a long trench coat. He inquired about Gabe and was turned away. Before he left, he glanced back for a moment and Zhi noticed that his eyes had become molten golden orbs.

The group, deciding to follow Elijah to prevent him from killing Gabe happen upon the hunter as he was being accosted by a werewolf. The hunter managed to disarm (literally) the beast with several well-placed shots. The werewolf howled, and Maxwell warned the group that more people were coming. Both Zhi and Richard felt the fabric of reality quake as the abyss railed against the casting of a vulgar spell, and a portal appeared. Three more people stepped through it, joining the werewolf on the far side of the street. Richard, having conjured mobile walls of water, surrounded the hunter in a tube high, strong, and distracting enough to prevent him from either escaping, attacking, or listening in on the two groups.

The new group turned out to be The Enforcers, and they were all too ready to simply kill Elijah, claiming that he was either solely or in part responsible for all the deaths, “for who else but a Hunter would be slaughtering the supernatural citizens of the city?” When they discovered that their own member (the werewolf) was the one to open fire, they left, stating that they wouldn’t kill in cold blood.

In the aftermath, It was decided that while the Elijah was genuinely not a bad guy, in the sense that he wasn’t the stereotypical Hunter trying to kill everything that wasn’t a mundane mortal, he was trying to hunt down and kill a former team member. Zhi told him that he was obligated to defend Gabriel. Elijah nodded, locked his weapons into place in his holsters, and engaged Zhi in unarmed combat while the rest of the group watched. Despite Zhi landing several strong blows, Elijah seemed more interested in getting away than really fighting back. In fact, only once did Elijah physically strike Zhi outright. This was right before he turned to flee. With Richard’s assistance in the form of a strengthening spell, Zhi hurled a trash can lid at the fleeing Hunter. The blow nearly toppled him, but Elijah managed to escape.

Maxwell, having noted Elijah’s gunshot wound from earlier, sought a sample of his blood on the ground or wall while the group tried to decide what to do. Maxwell found the sample he needed, and could track Elijah anywhere on the planet. The group decided to travel to Annabelle’s shop to seek counsel and information about the entity behind the supernatural deaths.

The group discovered (after being startled by a reference to the tremere), that they are most likely searching for a creature that consumes the supernatural “essence” of its victims, and this creature is active for exactly 21 days every 50 years. In addition, all the attacks have been within 4 miles of the Macdonough Monument.

The next day, the party tracked down Elijah, sitting outside Bazzano’s eating lunch. The group offered him the proposition of helping them track down the creature behind all the supernatural deaths, and he agreed. The party also enlisted the help of The Enforcers, after playing into their desire to be seen as heroes. During their time at Bazzano’s, the group was approached (kinda) by a man named Tristan Logos, who claimed to not only be a servant of the spirit of Plattsburgh, but also to be over 350 years old, stating that he was unable to track down the creature the first time it was known to be active in the city. He agreed to help the group that night.

By the end of the session, the Party has orchestrated a stakeout of Macdonough Monument with themselves (5 strong), Elijah, The Enforcers (4 strong), and Tristan, who is as much a mystery to the group as anything else they’ve encountered in the past. The stakeout will take place that night. Hopefully, at least one mystery will be solved.



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