Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Session 15/16

"Should we kick his ass?" "CAN we kick his ass?"

Quick recap of what we did the past couple weeks.

We got the group together to fight the big nasty. We went out exploring the town to find said big nasty. Turns out, it was hanging out near Maxwell’s place. After an explosion caused by a rogue fireball and an Olympic-sized swimming pool of gasoline, we ran the hell away from the BN, heading back to the Enforcers’ homebase with most of us intact (other than one missing leg). We made a plan to cut off its ability to regenerate itself by keeping us the hell away from it. After using Maxwell to lure the BN to a trap, Richard used a nice amount of watercrafting to keep us above the trapped monster. Raining fire and gunfire upon it, we took out the monster pretty much without the help of any of our backup. Way to go, guys.

The beast’s essence was funneling into the shadow realm, where Tristan was keeping it in a steamer trunk. He was going to run off after lying to us about being the emissary of the fake spirit of Plattsburgh, but we got a bit of payment out of him in the form of an essence gift to Max. Maxwell glowed for a bit upon returning to the real world, which was a tad strange.

So he and Davey decided to go to a bar. Maxwell got reeeeeaaaally drunk, started a huge fight (in near-man form, btw), and ended up passing out on his coffee table back at home. Sterling found him due to the descriptions on the police scanner, and ended up tracking him back to his house and throwing a blanket over the comatose werewolf.

The next day, Maxwell had a hangover, but decided to come over to Zhi’s for breakfast. Apparently, there was a memo about it since everyone else showed up for eggs at Richard’s expense. We wanted to go check on Gabe since we don’t know what happened to Elijah. We went over to one of Gabe’s apartments, found a secret entrance to a small haven, and tada, there’s Gabe. Awake in the middle of the day. He was packing because he figured the hunter would find him soon.

There was a knock at the door. Well, more like a kick didn’t quick knock it down yet. When Davey checked to see who it was, Elijah kicked the door in, thwacking Davey in the face. The hunter dropped a candle on the ground and brought up a pistol. After a fight between us and the hunter (and his candle-gargoyle things), Elijah ran off without taking much of a beating. Zhi ran after him, but Elijah left some devices that set off Zhi’s unseen sense and evaded capture.

Good news: Gabe’s alive (well, you know). Bad news: Elijah probably still wants to kill him.



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