Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Session 9

New Years Eve with Lady Deathstrike.

Today was all about information gathering and plan formation. After waking up, Zhi, Richard and Maxwell figured they needed information on the group lead by Captain Falcon.

They called up the rest of the party and let them know what happened, as well as asking them to check their contacts for info on “Peregrine Layne” and his cabal. While they did that, Zhi and Richard called up both Loredo and Celeris for mage opinions. (Surprisingly enough, Loredo was actually quite amicable when we called him at four in the morning. I guess asshole doesn’t kick in until after his coffee.)

What the group found out was that Peregrine is part of a mage Legacy that messed around with ley-lines, that he is part of the cabal called the Matrix Tappers (probably the A-holes who took over Zhi’s dojo.) We also found mention of the name Donald McArdle, who happens to be a visiting professor at the local college.



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