Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Session Elemon

In the groin is not a "cool" spot to go for when playing tag.

Part 1 – Abby
Somebody was lighting fires
A church by us was on fire
Firemen and police were already on the scene, Sterling was there
Nobody was really sure what was starting the fires, seemed instantaneous.
Sterling had a FOI that it was someone “her kind of freaky” – a firestarter – was responsible.
Alexis used cameras around town to find a person who was at the scene of all of these events
We tracked her down and confronted her
She said her powers were out of control
We convinced her that we could help her out
She came back with us

Part 2 – AJ
The party followed up on the whole center of the water issue
In the basement of the public library there was a secret entrance to a tunnel
The tunnel led to a concrete chamber. In it was the Promethean we were looking for, a tv and a ton of explosives (enough to blow us to kingdom come)
A door closed behind us and everyone found it difficult to use their powers
The tv set flicked on and some weirdo came on and started to talk to us
Maxwell got fed up after hearing a sentence from the guy and kicked the tv over
Then the timer for the explosives started up.
Maxwell tried to break down the door which didn’t seem to be working even though Richard weakened it
Sterling, Richard, and Alexis all worked on disarming the bomb
Sterling had a FOI and told the party of a weak point in the floor which would lead to sewers
Maxwell promptly destroyed the floor
Most of the party got out
Richard and Sterling managed to disarm the bomb with 40 sec left on the timer.
A few of us went back in and collected some bricks of C4
We gathered outside and Zhi offered to drive the Promethean South a ways in order to end the wasteland effect

Part 3 – Devin
We knew Misaki’s 1st change was coming up
Sterling even had a premonition
the party prepped for the occasion, and waited at Maxwell’s place for it to possibly occur.
It could’ve happened on any night of that moon phase, but it just so happened on the first
She went weird and then decided to play a game of tag
We ran around outside for a bit
Richard took a tail slap to the nads and needed a time out
We then headed up route 3 and stopped at BK
Misaki rooted around in the trash
Richard went inside to get her some water, then a burger
but she wouldn’t be fed by him, so he used the water and a spell to get her soaking wet. She got revenge by rubbing up against him and getting him to smell like wet dog
She then ran out into traffic in front of a Mac truck and went into a form that causes Lunacy, and was getting ready to take on the vehicle
Maxwell used a warning shout to get her to keep moving
I think we did something about all the people in cars who were just forced to go crazy with fear, not sure.



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