Beyond the Veil: The Myriad

Session Ten

Screwing with us = Bad Idea

Today it was finally time for some payback. The Matrix Tappers didn’t seem to actually know who they decided to screw with, despite spying on us and finding all of our ins and outs. We finished preparing to take back what was ours. And let me tell you, when a party has time to prep for a fight, they can become pretty powerful.

We started things off with Maxwell sneaking in the sanctum in the Shadow Realm. He Stepped through the Gauntlet, nicked a bunch of their equipment, and then started to run out. A few of the Tappers managed to take a swings him, but they only killed some of his clothing. He had a helping hand in that he got teleported out.

Outside of the dojo a couple of us tossed on the new bulletproof vests that we just got, turned up the tunes (Ride of the Valkryies), and rushed the door. Zhi used the ward-busting brass knuckles he got from McArdle’s to take down any magical traps in our path, and the first enemy up was Pardy. Things didn’t go so well for him. He managed to get a shot off at Alexis and started to make a run for it, but ended up getting slashed by a katana, shot by a crossbow, and clawed by a claw. What finished it though was when a certain someone stabbed him with his sword and then swirled around his insides. He died from that.

While the Mages started up with some more ward busting and a little healing, a blade popped out of thin air. It was Vindicta using her expertise with Spirit magic to attack us from the Shadow Realm. Things were looking a little grim. Maxwell took a horrendous kind of injury and had to use his necklace to keep from Death Raging and probably going after allies in the process. After a couple of attacks Vindicta stopped for the moment. Most of the party headed downstairs while Richard worked on creating an alternate route. One that hopefully didn’t lead through more traps.

Here’s where things got a little fuzzy for me. A light/shadow show got started and it was a contest of wills between Alexis and the Matrix Tappers Oro. Our resident lady vamp proved to be the better woman when she sucked all of the shadows to her and revealed most of our enemies. She then used the shadows to make a few more pillars of darkness so that enemies would have to guess where she was to attack her. Zhi went invisible and started to bring the hurt to Oro. Maxwell hand-delivered his package that consisted of a flying knee to the face to Mary’s face. I can’t remember what Davey did, but I’m pretty sure it involved someone eating some more katana.

Richard’s alternate route led to more traps. He got teleported back to the front door and preceded to haul ass back to the basement, taking the regular route. When he got back, he took Captain Falcon down (his guts got swirled just like Pardy’s). So much so, that he actually had to keep him from dying afterwards. Pardy was dead, and both Oro and Peregrine were unconcious now. Vindicta and Mary managed to escape … for the time being. The prisoners were secured and Loredo was given a call. We told him all was well again, and to send someone to pick up these fallen mages. Loredo sent Doc, a man who definitely came off as a lover and not a fighter.

Then we started looking around for Layne’s grimoire. Eventually Richard saw Vindicta in the Shadow Realm and struck up a conversation with her, and the others joined in. She was hardly worth talking to and refused to cooperate at all. So Maxwell popped into the Shadow and booted her out. Then she got introduced to the same sword as Pardy and Peregrine Layne, minus the swirled organs. We had to call Loredo again, and soon after Doc was back once more. He wasn’t too thrilled as he was trying to get it on with some girls he had mind-raped or something.

After that we finished cleaning up. Zhi was not happy at all about the hole in the floor. Somebody keeps altering bits of the building. It must be Ben Harper, he’s good with Matter.



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