FBI Amanda Yurik

I've figured out more about you in five minutes than you'll figure out about me with a lifetime of study.


Intelligence—3 | Strength—2 | Presence——-3
Wits—————4 | Dexterity-3 | Manipulation-4
Resolve———-2 | Stamina—-2 | Composure——3

Mental: Academics 4 (Criminology) | Computer 2 | Investigation 3 (Crime Scenes)|
Physical: Athletics 1 | Brawl 1 | Drive 2 | Firearms 2 (Pistol)
Social: Empathy 4 | Expression 2 | Intimidation 1 | Persuasion 2 | Socialize 1 | Subterfuge 4

Health: 7 | Damage: none
Willpower: 5 | Points: 7

Size: 5 | Speed: 10
Defense: 3 | Armor:
Initiative: +6

Morality: 7



invisible ice-cream
Age 27

Unlike many of her counterparts, Amanda favors a suit with a gray skirt over the traditional pants-suit. She’s a trim 5’5" with auburn hair and knowing eyes. Her smile can win people over (when she remembers to do it on occasion).


If you think regular women play mind games, dear God you are in for some horrible, icecream induced brain freeze.

Amanda is an FBI investigator on Agent Seward’s team. She has a Doctorate in Psychology and a Masters in Criminology. She’s fairly young and brand new to the team, but has been able to hold her own thus far. Because of her appearance, people have a tendency to underestimate her. She’s awfully young for a government agent, attractive, and a woman to boot. But keep on your toes around her. She can spot lies from miles away blind-folded.

FBI Amanda Yurik

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