Annabelle Seito

I'm the reason why you shouldn't write anything down that you don't want read.


Annabelle: Antiquarian Darkling, Winter Court

Older woman, aging gracefully. She wears bifocals, but the observant person notices that she doesn’t seem to need them. She wears a bracelet on her left wrist that resembles a chain of snowflakes. Her attire is casual, but it is obvious the sort of casual that one has to try for. She has the unnerving habit of appearing next to customers in her shop, seemingly out of nowhere.

Thin, gaunt, emaciated. Her limbs are too long, her skin is too pale, the smile is too white. Annabelle looks like a cross between Jack Skellington and Lady Deathstrike. Her eyes are swollen, like the eyes of an owl. Her form blurs when she moves, like she’s made of something smokey or insubstantial.


Annabelle owns the local bookstore down on Margaret Street, though she deals in much more than just old books. She leads the Lorekeepers, a group of individuals that are involved with the acquisition, preservation, and negotiation of various items of questionable legality, morality, and propriety. If you are willing to deal with the consequences, and the price is right, the Lorekeepers can help you find anything you are looking for. Anything.

Annabelle Seito

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