Antonio Cesternino

A walking, talking racial slur


He’s lemon italian ice of course aka a vanilla mortal
Age 32

His $200 salon styled hair cut puts Antonio at a step above the rest of us—if only he were taller. He’s a really short for a guy, being about 5’2". He does however have one of the best complextions on the East Coast, or so he tells everyone. “The perfect combination of darker skin and excellent tan.”


If you don’t figure it out within moments of seeing him, Antonio is Italian. He’s so Italian it’s ridiculous. How a guy who doesn’t touch much food beyond pasta and still keeps in good shape is beyond anyone’s comprehension. If there is a stereotype about Italians, he probably fits it.

Antonio is a part owner and the full-time manager of the Atlantean Hollow, a night club in Montreal. Richard is one of the other owners. Antonio is a good guy, if somewhat grating when you’ve been in his presence for too long.

He loves to watch Jersey Shore. Which is why he cannot keep any women.

Antonio Cesternino

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