Ben Harper (Ferrous)

What's wrong with the Wrangler this time, Zhi?


Path: Thyrsus | Order: Free Council

Virtue: Prudence | Vice: Sloth


Intelligence: 3 | Wits: 3 | Resolve: 2

Strength: 2 | Dexterity: 3 | Stamina: 3

Presence: 3 | Manipulation: 2 | Composure: 3


Mental: Crafts: 4 (Automobiles, Jury-Rigging, Rote) | Medicine: 1 (First Aid) | Occult: 1 | Science: 1 (Rote)

Physical: Athletics: 2 | Brawl: 2 | Drive: 3 (Cars) | Firearms: 2 |

Social: Empathy: 2 | Expression: 2 (Storytelling) | Intimidation: 2 | Persuasion: 2 (Rote)| Socialize 2 | Streetwise: 2

Gnosis 2

Arcana: Life 2 | Matter 3 | Spirit 3 | Prime 2

Merits: Resources 3, Iron Stamina 1, Stunt Driver 3, Status (Free Council) 2, Familiar 4 (Tiki the Cat), Enhanced Item (Dodge Charger), Sanctum 3 ( Ben’s Garage)


Ben Harper is a mechanic in downtown Plattsburgh. He also happens to be a mage.

Standing almost six feet tall, Ben is a rather lanky fellow. He’s found more often than not partially covered in grease.

Ben is a laid back guy who, despite being a successful business owner, would much rather just sit down at his table, have a few beers, and talk about whatever comes to mind for the next five hours.

While Ben has found himself in the middle of a few fights, he’d much rather talk things out rather than get bloodied up. Considering his Arcana are more suited to fixing things rather than busting them up, he’d rather stick to what he’s good at rather than lose a fight he’s not willing to get into.

After his Awakening about four years ago, he has developed fairly rapidly in both the Spirit and the Matter Arcana, being a Disciple of both, increasing his effectiveness as a mechanic. Yes, he does talk to his cars. Yes, it does actually work. He also is an Apprentice of Life and Prime; being able to patch himself up after getting hurt on the job is always handy, and using magic to enhance his equipment and vehicles has helped him in his job as well.

He never finished high school, but he had an informal education since he started working on vehicles. Ben enjoys reading, and has picked up several books on different subjects, from science magazines to occult articles online (which is a more recent addition to his reading schedule).

He spends most of his time messing around with vehicles, specifically at the auto-repair shop he owns. It used to be his uncle’s before he passed away five years ago. Ben is one of the best mechanics in the North Country, but prefers to stay in the town he grew up in rather than move to a place where he could get better business. That, and the fact that being a mage could bring him unwanted attention if he were to set up shop in a busy city. Ben enjoys working on vehicles and has found a new enjoyment out of it after learning to speak with the spirits residing in his favorite toys.

If there’s anything he loves as much as working on cars, it’s being an hour deep in a conversation. With anyone. Or anything—sucks to be a car spirit around him, especially if it already heard the story of when he accidentally drove into Lake Champlain.

Heng Zhi has known Ben since he moved to Plattsburgh a year ago. Ben has been his mechanic since he rear-ended Zhi’s Jeep and promised to fix it like new. Turns out, Zhi got it back working better than when he first bought it. Zhi noticed the funky aura around his car, and looked back at Ben, then said something in the High Speech. Ben blinked and said, “Well I’ll be damned. What a way to bump into another mage.”

Ben Harper (Ferrous)

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