Camille Langston

Have you ever been hit by a waterfall?


Orange Cream and Blackraspberry swirl with Caramel drizzle
Age unknown

Path Thyrsus
Order Free Council
Legacy Tamer of Rivers, she’s got her 3rd attainment

Camille has long silver hair and piercing blue eyes. She’s a fairly tall woman at 5’11" and has a nicely toned body. Her aura is a radient blue.


Camille is a very powerful Mage, and has got to be much older than she looks. there is a really good chance she has been using magic to extend her life and preserve and enhance her beauty. She’s extremely free spirited and generally doesn’t seem to know the meaning of tied down. Well, except the literal meaning. She knows that one, really, really well.

She is Richard’s mentor, mistress, and sometimes lover.

Camille likes to pass herself off as a traveling fortune teller. Mostly because she finds it hilarious. A real practitioner pretending to be a charlatan, priceless!

Is currently in South America or something, I don’t know yet.

Camille Langston

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