Chloe Summers (Celeris)


Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium

Blonde haired (with purple highlights) and blue-eyed. Kinda mousey looking.


If you first met Chloe Summers and interacted with her for 5 minutes, you would think that she’s just another ditzy blonde girl from “the valley” in Cali and wonder what she’s doing all the way over in the North Eastern US, South Eastern Canada region. With another 10 minutes to a half an hour she still leaves you with the same impression. After that first half hour though, if you’re the kind of person who can sense such things, you know that Chloe is far more intelligent than she’s been letting on.

It’s also a bit harder to tell upon first glance (except the purple highlights), but she is a total geek. She will go on for hours talking about things such as anime and won’t stop if you don’t gag her. But if you start on Dragon Ball Z, there simply is no hope for you. You are doomed until she collapses from exhaustion.

She’s also rather bubbly, and life has a really hard time getting her down. Its also a sure thing that her age is something she will never act.

While she’s not a total knockout, she certainly qualifies as any nerd’s dreamgirl. Especially any fan of High Fantasy, though not that they’d know about the bonus of her being a freaking Mage!

Chloe Summers (Celeris)

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