Davey Wyrmtongue

You ask me; "why is your last name Wyrmtongue?" To which I answer; " I like the Lord Of The Rings movies."


Seeming: Elemental | Kith: Woodblood | Court: Autumn
Virtue: Hope | Vice: Wrath | Concept: Information Broker/ Neighborhood Guardian
Age: 42

Intelligence—2 | Strength—3 | Presence——-2
Wits—————3 | Dexterity-4 | Manipulation-1
Resolve———-2 | Stamina—-2 | Composure——3

Mental: Computer 1 | Investigation 2 | Medicine 3 (Emergency care) | Occult 2 |
Physical: Athletics 2 | Brawl 3 | Firearms 3 (Pistol) | |Stealth 1 | Survival 1 | Weaponry 3 (swords)
Social: Empathy 1 | Expression 2 | Socialize 2 | Subterfuge 1

Health: 7 | Damage: None
Willpower: 5 | Points: 5

Size: 5 | Speed: 12
Defense: 3 | Armor: 1/0 or 2/0 (with armor of elements fury)
Initiative: +8

Clarity: 7

Fighting Finesse 2
Quick Draw (melee) 1
Eidetic Memory 2
Resources 2
Contacts 3
Barfly 1
Hollow (amenities) 3
Hollow (size) 3

Wyrd: 2
Glamour: 11 | Max: 11 | Per Turn: 2

Elements 2
Omen 1
Fleeting Autumn 2

Contract Clauses
Cloak of The Elements
Armor of Elements Fury
Vision of Strife
Witches Intuition
Tale of The Baba Yaga

Thick Clothing
Katana/Sheath-dice pool=11
S&W Pistol(9 again)-dice pool=9-range=25/50/100-clip=12+1-size=1

Seeming Blessing
Spend a point of glamour once per day to add wyrd rating to health.

Seeming Curse
No 10 again rule on rolls involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion, or Socialize.

Kith Ability
Name* Fade into the Foliage
Description* 9 again rule on Stealth, and Survival checks in areas with plants or dense undergrowth. Can also spend a point of glamour to hide in areas where I normally couldn’t (foliage)



I was taken by the True Fae at the age of 12, and forced to act as a gardener, and librarian at the manor of one of the True Fae. I stayed in Arcadia for what seemed like a decade before finally making my escape through the hedge. When I returned to my home it seemed as though only hours had passed since I’d been taken. When I entered my house I found the Fetch that the Fae had left in my place and promptly strangled the life out of him, only to be caught by my parents in while in the act. They chased me from my home, and I knew that I couldn’t stay in my hometown so I left, and eventually ended up in Plattsburgh,and I’ve been making my living as information dealer, and protector of the immediate community.

Davey Wyrmtongue

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