Dr. Vanessa Owens

That's Doctor Owens to you Mister!


Cotton Candy icecream, yay!
Age 28

She’s a real pretty woman with loving brown eyes and a nice collection of freckles. And great gams (legs).


Vanessa is a Doctor at CVPH. She looks very young, which puts her at a real disadvantage when she tries to be taken seriously. She can get a bit fiesty because of this treatment, and she definitely gets frustrated when patients want a second opinion from an older doctor. Vanessa pretty much loathes the chauvanistic Dr. Praktise.

Vanessa has had a dalliance with Richard, but that’s about as far as it goes at the moment. It was a one-night-stand and they don’t really know each other. They’re still basically strangers.

Dr. Vanessa Owens

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