Drakhani "Doc" Ipswitch

A brooding yet charming errand boy for the Consilium, with a constant reminder of his past crimes.


Path: Mastigos | Order: Silver Ladder

Virtue: Fortitude | Vice: Lust


  • Intelligence 3 | Wits 2 | Resolve 3
  • Strength 2 | Dexterity 2 | Stamina 2
  • Presence 2 | Manipulation 3 | Composure 3


  • Mental: Academics 1 | Crafts 2 | Occult 3 | Politics 1
  • Physical: Athletics 1 | Larceny 2 | Stealth 2
  • Social: Empathy 2 | Expression (Rote Skill, Instrument Specialty) 2 | Intimidation 3 | Persuasion (Rote Skill, Seduction Specialty) 2 | Socialize 1 | Streetwise 1 | Subterfuge (Rote Skill, Hiding Emotions Specialty) 2

Merits: Resources 1 | Striking Looks 2 | Status: Silver Ladder 1 | Sanctum (Size) 1 | Sanctum (Security) 2 | Hallow 3 | High Speech

Health 7 | Willpower 6 | Gnosis 3 | Wisdom 5

Size 5 | Defense 2 | Initiative Mod 5 | Speed 9 | Experience 13 (Arcane Experience 12)

Arcana: Mind 4 | Life 2 | Space 2 | Prime 1

Legacy: Pure Sovereign (The Silver Ladder, pg. 168)

  • First Attainment: Blood of Silver — several effects:
    • Effect similar to “Control Body” (Life 2). Passive ability, Life Dots = Successes for determining capabilities.
    • Effect similar to “Emotional Urgings” (Mind 1) on oneself. Can make a Resolve + Expression + Life roll to alter one’s own emotional state (feeling hsappiness, completely suppressing rage, etc).
    • Effect similar to “Memory Hole” (Mind 2). Resolve + Expression + Mind allows the mage to selectively forget information for up to one hour. a roll can be made every hour to continue to “keep forgetting” the information as long as the mage remains awake.


  • Mind
    • First Impressions (Mind 2): Presence + Socialize + Mind (7): Each success adds 1 die to the dice pool of the first social attribute-based roll of the scene with an individual the mage has just met. Covert
    • Diplomat’s Protection (Mind 3): Wits + Expression + Mind (9): Keep track of the number of successes. In combat, as long as the mage is not an aggressor towards a would-be attacker, anyone with a resolve lower than the number of successes cannot bring themselves to do anything to harm the mage. If the mage becomes hostile or initiates combat, or if the attacker has a resolve higher than the number of successes rolled, the attacker is free to attack normally. However, in that case, the number of successes are applied to the mage as dots of Armor. Spending 1 mana will make this spell last an entire day. Covert
    • Psychic Sword (Mind 4): Presence + Intimidation + Mind – Target’s resolve (9 – Resolve): Deals damage (Bashing or Lethal on a 1-to-1 basis to the target. Covert
    • Telepathic Control (Mind 4): Manipulation + Persuasion + Mind vs. Resolve + Gnosis (10 vs. Resolve + Gnosis): Can force target(s) to do any sort of non-suicidal or non-against nature tasks. Vs. non-supernaturals, this is prolonged duration (1 Scene). Vs. Supernaturals it is transitory duration (1 Turn). Covert, costs 1 mana
  • Space
    • Omnivision (Space 1): Wits + Composure + Space (7): Can see in 360 degrees with reflexive Wits + Composure roll. Covert.
    • Ward (Space 2): Resolve + Occult + Space (8): Can create a shielded area that blocks space magic (including scrying) from being activated within or targetting anything in the warded area. Prolonged Duration (1 Scene). Covert.
  • Prime
    • Supernal Vision (Prime 1): Wits + Occult + Prime (5): activates Supernal Vision. See M:tA pg. 221.


  • None. Doc doesn’t believe in violence unless things have gone horribly wrong.


  • Dedicated tool: Brass Pentacle with Atlantean Star.


Doc stands almost 6’ tall, about 180 lbs. With his thick brown hair and his deep emerald eyes, his lack of apparent physical attributes is easily overshadowed by his aesthetic qualities. He keeps himself clean-shaven, aside from a very meticulously groomed head of hair. The clothing that he wears is almost always expensive-looking, professionally tailored “Business wear,” And while not always 3-piece suits, his attire is almost always bordering on “over-dressed.” At least, that’s the impression one may get if one can get past how amazing he looks in those clothes. He exudes a level of personal magnetism that is only partially due to his capabilities with both the Mind and the Life Arcana.


He goes by the handle of “Doc” or “The Doc,” as he is sometimes referred to by others that know him well. His main job is a go-between for different members of the Consilium and local cabals. Both sides of that equation are defined loosely, since for the most part anyone that knows how to contact him can generally get him to help with a particular task. He refers to himself as a “Consilium Liaison,” but that is just a sugar-coating for the fact that, for lack of a better term, he’s an errand-boy. He does resent his place in the hierarchy, but at the same time, nobody expects him of any sort of scheming or plotting. Which works to his benefit, in the end. He’s not plotting world conquest or anything like that, but he has his own agenda, and thanks to his Legacy, he’s got enough time to be patient about it.

Doc is a pacifist, almost to the point of fleeing if he is forced to engage in combat with someone else. There was a point several years back when he wasn’t like that, back in his “dark days,” right after he awakened. His natural ability to sweet-talk and con people, when enhanced by his skill with the Mind Arcanum, led him to very quickly gain the attention of a group from within the Silver Ladder itself that forced him to seek training in curbing his desire to enforce his own will upon others. While he was in such a training program, it took several mages the better part of a week to de-program the harem he had created from over 50 very attractive young women from a nearby college, as well as his siphoning off of most of the local business owners who, thanks to his machinations, were giving him a dividend of their profits every month.

The final result, after he was released, was a young man that uses his abilities in small ways. He still occasionally might “push” people into various tasks that they might not have done of their own volition, but he no longer practices complete and total mental domination of another person. At least, not unless it means keeping people out of harm’s way. He might no longer mentally coerce a pretty young girl into bedding him, but he has no such qualms against invading a bank robber’s mind and telepathically regressing him to a drooling, incontinent moron. He’ll go back in and fix it after the man is in safe custody (most of the time), but sometimes it’s easier to remove a combatant in that capacity instead of trying to diffuse the situation.

Blatant mental domination, as far as he’s concerned (now, anyway) is no different than rape or blackmail. But the gentle telepathic nudge that helps a person make a decision, or helps them take steps down a course of action that they were probably going to follow anyway, there’s no harm in that. Of course, if he’s never found wanting for a little extra spending money or a sexual partner along the way, who is he to deny himself some of the perks of his talents?

The Sanctum

Doc keeps an apartment in Plattsburgh. It is on the top floor of Beekman Towers, a high-rise residential complex in Plattsburgh, less than a mile from Boynton Avenue. He’s smooth-talked his way to roof-top access, since he likes to take his dates up there (and it’s a safer place to play around with Space spells). One of the rooms of his apartment has been “renovated” to include a small “greenhouse,” which he uses as a Hallow. There are enough wards around the place to make even the most foolhardy interlopers think twice about trying to leech from it. One single wall is not warded, and instead imbedded with a small device that looks like a thermostat. A “gift” from the Consilium, this is an Imbued item, that can be attuned to specific coordinates, allowing a Portal to be opened from his apartment to anywhere in the world (conceivably). He hasn’t had it very long, and the spell it uses is currently beyond his abilities, so he’s a little wary of the damn thing, but it makes his jobs a lot easier. He’s not quite sure what the limitations of the thing are, but he was told not to use it more than he needed to, and to make sure his apartment was well insured, “just in case anything happens.”

Lasting Punishment

Doc is frequently accompanied by a woman who appears of mixed European and Japanese heritage. “Jessi,” as he calls her, doesn’t speak often, except for short one- or two-word responses (usually in Japanese). When Doc first met her, he had to have her, and she was the very last person he ever mentally coerced into total servitude. When the Silver Ladder “fixed” her, it caused a partial awakening. The next time she laid eyes on Doc, without saying a word, she roundhouse kicked him in the head so hard it broke his nose, his jaw in 3 places, and fractured parts of his skull. She knelt down and kissed his forehead, and refused to leave his side until he woke up in the hospital.

The Silver Ladder “Bosses” that decide these things decided that it would serve the young Mastigos well to have a constant reminder of what crimes he committed in the past. Especially when this reminder takes the form of a martial artist that, for some unexplained reason, seems to have a tolerance almost bordering on immunity to his mental abilities. This tolerance does not extend to anyone else, but for some reason his mental magic has very little effect on her. And she gets really “kicky” when he tries.

Today, this exotic beauty acts as both a protector and a governor to Doc, willing to step into fights that he cannot, and all to happy to be the “fists” of reason when Doc starts to get abusive of his exceptional abilities. It is obvious that he’s nuts over her, but the most he’ll ever say (as he’s the only one that will talk about it) is that what he did to her was beyond wrong, and right now the situation is… complicated.

Drakhani "Doc" Ipswitch

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