FBI Fredrick Seward

This is now a federal case. We're in charge here.


Intelligence—2 | Strength—4 | Presence——-3
Wits—————3 | Dexterity-3 | Manipulation-1
Resolve———-3 | Stamina—-4 | Composure——3

Mental: Academics 3 (Criminology) | ^Computer 1 | Investigation 3 (Crime Scenes)| Occult 1 | Politics 2
Physical: Athletics 3 | Brawl 4 | Drive 2 | Firearms 3 (Pistol) | Larceny 1
Social: Empathy 2 | Intimidation 3 | Streetwise 2 | Subterfuge 1

Health: 9 | Damage: none
Willpower: 6 | Points: 6

Size: 5 | Speed: 12
Defense: 3 | Armor:
Initiative: +6

Morality: 6



there is no icecream
Age 43

His hair has been going a bit gray, and he’s been looking a bit worse by the day from the stress of the job. He’s been letting himself go a little bit, but its not as though that matters much. The guy is definitely got enough muscle on him to spare.


Fredrick is a Lead Investigator for the FBI. He comes from the School of Hard Knocks/beating the ever-loving crap out of you. He’s an awfully demanding person and a bit of a control freak. He likes to be in charge and generally chaffes under the authority of another.

Fred was a rookie agent during the Harvester Slayings. His friend and mentor Drake Philips was one of the FBI agents that had been murdered during the investigation. If anything were to ever come up about those cases, rest assured he’d practically drop whatever he was doing and have his team investigating it.

He’s seen Richard before, but it’s not as though they’d remember each other. They were both drunk off their rockers at a bar with a bunch of cops and other emergency workers. Well, might remember him after getting told off by him a week after that. He wanted to question a witness, Richard told him to piss off.

FBI Fredrick Seward

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