Jane "Jessi" Doe

Dark-haired beauty that accompanies Doc to keep him out of trouble.


Age: 42
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust


  • Physical: Strength 3 | Dexterity 3 | Stamina 3
  • Mental: Intelligence 2 | Wits 3 | Resolve 3
  • Social: Presence 3 | Manipulation 1 | Composure 3

Health: 8
Willpower: 6
Speed: 11
Initiative: 6
Defense: 3


  • Physical: Athletics 3 | Brawl (Specialty: Throws) 4 | Weaponry (Specialty: Swords) 4
  • Mental: Crafts 2 | Medicine 3
  • Social: Empathy 2 | Intimidation 2 | Subterfuge (Specialty: Spotting Lies) 3


  • Fighting Style: Aggressive Light Sword (4)
  • Fighting Style: Defensive Light Sword (4)
  • Fighting Style: Aggressive Striking (4)
  • Fighting Style: Throws (4)
  • Quick Draw 1
  • Student of the Blade 1
  • Brawling Dodge 1
  • Weaponry Dodge 1


  • Reinforced Clothing
  • Katana

Combat Information

First of all, “Jessi” Doesn’t enter Combat without a damn good reason. Usually, it takes her or Doc suffering harm before she’ll throw down. That being said, she still enjoys some good-natured sparring. And beating on Doc when he’s abusing his Mind Arcanum.

Aggressive Light Sword

  • There is a definite presence of traditional Kendo in her stance and attack patterns, but there is also a smattering of everything from European fencing to french la Canne.
    • Kaburi: An overhead strike. +1 to dice pool.
    • Kiai: A loud shout made while maneuvering distractingly. On a successful Strength + Weaponry – Defense (opponent’s), Opponent is off-balance and loses his Defense against the next attack directed at him (whether by you or someone else).
    • Uchiotoshi Waza: Using the Dodge action, the character can deflect 1 attack from an opponent, parrying the strike, and deliver a counterattack (with a -1 penalty). However, if this technique is used, the character loses her defense for the rest of the turn.
    • Nidan Waza: A powerful attack, followed through with a short second strike of the blade. The character spends a Willpower point before making an attack roll. This willpower point does not add 3 dice. If the attack succeeds, the character deals an extra amount of damage equal to her Dexterity.

Defensive Light Sword

  • Her dominant style here is Iaido, and it shows. Again, a knowledgeable observer will be able to spot other world-wide influences in the subtleties of her posture.
    • Tsuki Kage: If her weapon is sheathed at the start of combat, the character adds her dots in the Weaponry skill to her initiative. However, the character must dedicate an attack in the first round of combat in order to maintain this advantage, otherwise it is lost.
    • Zanshin: The character gains a permanent +2 on any roll to avoid or detect an ambush. This stacks with the Danger Sense Merit, if the character has it.
    • Tachi-Sabaki: When taking a full Dodge action, the character adds the damage rating of her weapon to her Dodge trait. This ability may be used in conjunction with Weaponry Dodge.
    • Kan Ken No Metsuke: Because of her training and speed, the character acts before all others that share her initiative. In the event of an initiative tie, this character goes first. Other characters have their results resolved normally. If two or more characters have this ability (or a similar one), they go at the same time and their rolls are resolved as if the opponents with this ability have not gone yet, which can result in multiple characters killing each other at the same time

Aggressive Striking

  • Dominant style is Shotokan Karate, though it is obvious she mixes up some western street-fighting and other eastern styles into her movements.
    • Kagi Tsuki: If the character delivers a Brawl attack that deals damage equal to or in excess of an opponent’s size, the opponent loses their next action.
    • Jodan Uke: The character gains an effective armor rating of 1 versus bashing attacks.
    • Morote Tsuki: The Character can make 2 Brawl attacks against a single opponent. The second one suffers a -1 penalty, However, this maneuver requires that the character does not apply her defense against any attacks in the round. If her Defense is applied to any attacks before her initiative, she may not use this maneuver.
    • Tobi Mawashi Geri: If the character delivers a Brawl attack that deals damage equal to or in excess of an opponent’s size, the opponent must make a stamina roll or fall unconscious for a number of rounds equal to the damage dealt. Even if the roll succeeds, the opponent loses his next action (as per Body Blow). However, this maneuver requires that the character does not apply her defense against any attacks in the round. If her Defense is applied to any attacks before her initiative, she may not use this maneuver.


  • Dominant style of Aikido, with judo and greco-roman wrestling influences.
    • Ukemi: Once per turn, the character can stand up from prone as a reflex action. Also, the character has an effective armor of 1 versus bashing damage caused by falling.
    • Aiki: By forgoing her standard defense, the character can make a reflexive Dexterity + Brawl roll in the event of a single incoming attack. If the number of successes gained beats the damage done by the attack, the character takes no damage, and immediately applies a grappling hold or Shihonage on the attacking opponent. This maneuver counts as the character’s action for the round.
    • Shihonage: A standard brawl attack that sends the opponent sprawling. The opponent ends up prone on the floor a number of feet away from the character equal to the character’s Size + Brawl successes. Deals normal damage.
    • Renzoku-waza: The character can make a number of grappling or Shihonage attempts, or defend against multiple attacks using the Aiki maneuver. The character can use these abilities a number of extra times equal to her Dexterity – 2, though each extra use is made at a cumulative -1 penalty. Also, the character cannot use benefit from this ability if her first action in the round was not a grapple or Shihonage attempt.

Other Merits

  • Quick Draw: The Character can draw a weapon and attack as a single action in combat.
  • Brawling Dodge: When using the Dodge action, the character can add her dots in the Brawling skill instead of doubling her Defense.
  • Weaponry Dodge: When using the Dodge action, the character can add her dots in the Weaponry Skill instead of doubling her Defense.
  • Student of the Blade: The character can use any weapon that is appropriate for her fighting style, even if the fighting style isn’t specifically designed for it, without the -2 penalty. Appropriate weapons include all “light” swords (size 2 or smaller" and any stick / staff between 3 and 4 feet in length, as well as any blunt instrument that is roughly “sword-shaped.”

“Jessi” is a woman that has aged exceptionally well. Most people that are told her age laugh or scoff in disbelief. a 42-year-old with the body of a 25-year old is, after all, almost unheard of. For her part though, aside from a slight graying of her hair and the lines at her mouth and eyes from years of smiling, she looks like she’s (at most) in her early 30’s. She has an athlete’s build, but not the anorexic kind that is androgynous bordering on skeletal. A female athlete with the drive to remain healthy, not win competitions.

She looks European and Japanese, but the way she speaks and the way she acts lends one to assume that she spent most of her time in Japan. She wears her black hair long, usually in a ponytail. Her style of dress is business-like, similar to Doc’s though the practiced eye can tell that her clothing is tailored for someone a little bit bigger. Not much, but enough so that when she roundhouses you in the face, she’s not going to rip anything. She wears no jewelry except a silver bracelet with an inscription in two languages on the inside of it: German and Japanese.

It is hard to gauge if “Jessi,” as Doc calls her, is completely there still, or if the combination of her complete mental subjugation, the “fixing” that the Silver Ladder did to her, and her partial awakening has done irrevocable damage to her psyche. She doesn’t say much except a few short choppy sentences here or there, unless ranting at Doc in Japanese (A practice he finds both infuriating and hilarious, since he has no clue what she’s saying).

Her partial awakening left her with a few extra little abilities that Doc tends to find aggravating. First, she is practically immune to any application of his Mind spells. If he tries really hard and gets lucky, he might be able to pull something off on her, but for the most part his mental abilities slide right off of her as if she were behind a well-oiled shield. Second, she seems to know with split-second precision when Doc is casting any Mind spell. Generally, she doesn’t take kindly to it, though she’s a lot less “punchy” about it than she used to be. She seems to recognize certain spells, because some spells almost never get a reaction out of her, while other spells almost always result in Doc nursing a nosebleed or a sore jaw.

“Jessi” stays with Doc in his apartment, though she has her own room, own training area, etc. Her current relationship with Doc is neither romantic nor sexual, though it is fairly obvious that Doc wouldn’t mind a little of either. For her part, the way she protects him, it’s apparent that she has her reasons for staying with him after what he did to her. Is it genuine emotion on her part, or might it be some residual “psychic residue” left over from when Doc completely subsumed her will?

Jane "Jessi" Doe

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