Juan Ferzan

You want this, I want this, why fight it?


Juan Ferzan: Flowering Fairest, Spring Court

Juan seems to be at the same time the perfect height, the perfect weight, and the perfect build. tan (but not too tan) skin, chiseled (and then rubbed with oil) features, and deep deep eyes. He usually wears very well-tailored clothing, though with his looks, he could put on rags and still look at home at a formal gala. His features are marred only by a tattoo of ivy that runs from his right ankle around his leg up to his knee.

Juan stands about average height, but his proportions make him seem grander. While there are no blemishes on his human face, his true face is a swirl of dazzling patterns, flowers and ivy and colorful petals. His eyes sparkle and his smile does in fact cast just a hint of light. The tattoo on his leg is actually real ivy, growing out of both ankles. Any natural ground that he treads upon becomes fertile, and the property around his shop is full of flowers.


Juan Ferzan owns and operates a clothing store in West Chazy. Of course, like the rest of the Lorekeepers, the shop itself is a cover for the real work that he does. His specialty is safe passage and harboring, though along with that he dabbles in some other “trafficking” activities. With the right incentive and a little patience, he can either make sure you get where you need to go, or make sure what you need is brought to you.

Juan Ferzan

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