Loredo Malgrove

I like order, and I like being towards the top of that order


Is Old Bastard an actual flavor?
Age unknown, but he looks freaking old

Path Mastigos
Order The Silver Ladder
Legacy unknown

Loredo looks like a stodgy older gent with a fashion sense from a century or two ago. His hair is greying and his eyes hold menace for all those he sees as below him. That includes pretty much everybody.


Loredo is a herald for the Blackthorn Council of Montreal. He is Suecodac Tishka (Richard) and Heng Zhi’s (John) main contact for the council. They generally receive requests and notices through him. He pretty much thinks they’re failures and tries to let them know that with every single sentence he speaks to them.

He’s a total dick.

Richard nicknamed him Jackal. It was something to do with his general demeanor. Zhi calls him Laurie; that has more to do with Zhi’s demeanor than Loredo’s, though.

Loredo Malgrove

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