Coroner Maurice "Morry" Stones

You can't really taunt the dead. That's like kicking them while they're down.


vanilla-chocolate swirl mortal
Age 59

Morry is an older guy. He’s tall and getting on in years. He’s not the most attractive of people, and hanging around dead bodies all day doesn’t exactly add to his appeal. He doesn’t have a frightening appearance, but he isn’t exactly nice to look at either.


Morry is a Coroner at CVPH. He hates his first name and anyone who dares call him by it. He has seen his fair share of icky, especially during the Harvester Slayings. He tends to suspect other people of necrophilia a lot. He may or may not be projecting.

Richard knows Morry well enough. Deliver enough dead bodies to a guy, you eventually get to know him a little.

Coroner Maurice "Morry" Stones

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