Morgan Tach

Don't make me repeat myself. If you do, you and I are going to have problems.


Morgan Tach: Hunterheart Beast, Summer Court

Morgan is a very imposing person. Standing about 6’4", and weighing in at well over 300 lbs, the man looks like getting hit by a train might do little more than piss him off. Even his pecs have pecs. He dresses very well, with that sort of mafioso look, though he doesn’t have any actual connection with the mob. He doesn’t normally wear jewelry, other than a gold watch with flame engravings on the band. His long graying hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail, and he keeps his beard very neatly trimmed.

At first glance, you might want to start singing “If I only had the nerve.” Morgan is definitely all muscle, but he’s also all predator. his arms and legs are covered with a very fine dark brown hair, and from time to time you see his belt twitch. Eventually you realize it’s his tail. His hands and feet end with claws, not fingernails. His face… well, the picture kinda speaks for itself.


Morgan works as a bouncer at several of the bars in and around Plattsburgh. While his stoic demeanor and imposing figure intimidate many people, those that know him know of a much gentler, much more jovial person. Morgan is ne of the Lorekeepers, but he doesn’t run any shops. He’s more like a bodyguard, protecting the other Lorekeepers, the goods, the customers, etc.

Morgan Tach

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