Officer Nathan Bremmly

A beat cop who spends half his time at the bar


Intelligence—2 | Strength—2 | Presence——-2
Wits—————3 | Dexterity-4 | Manipulation-2
Resolve———-3 | Stamina—-3 | Composure——4

Mental: Academics 2 (Criminology) | Computer 1 | Investigation 3 (Crime Scenes)| Medicine 1 | Occult 3
Physical: Athletics 2 | Brawl 2 | Drive 3 | Firearms 3 (Pistol) | Larceny 2 | Weaponry 2
Social: Empathy 2 | Intimidation 3 | Streetwise 2 | Subterfuge 2

Health: 8 | Damage: none
Willpower: 7 | Points: 7

Size: 5 | Speed: 10
Defense: 3 | Armor:
Initiative: +8

Morality: 5



pecan fudge-ripple mortal (because he’s a little nutty! get it? hyuck hyuck)
Age 46

Nathan has become a haggard, old looking man over the last 5 years. A face that used to be much more alive has picked up many, many lines. He’s a somewhat stocky man, and a bit out of shape.


Bremmly used to be a police detective. He had a breakdown during the Harvester Slayings. His daughter was one of the victims. After a lot of therapy he was given a spot back on the force, but he’s only a beat cop now. Nathan is a functioning alcoholic. He’s not a mean guy, just very depressing. He kinda wishes Richard had let him commit suicide all those years ago.

He and his wife are currently separated, not divorced though. They both agreed that they just needed some time apart. Nathan is still obsessed over his daughter’s death and his wife wanted to move on. She is staying with a cousin.

Higher-ups generally overlook him, believing he won’t stir up any trouble. As such, he happens to overhear a lot of the not so open dealings of various people in law enforcement.

After an off-duty drink (or 5) at the 4th Ward with her, Bremmly thinks that Sterling is a good egg that got the bad end of a rough deal. He’s heard nothing negative in the office gossip, so he believes that it’s something other than incompetence that got her shipped this far north.

Officer Nathan Bremmly

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