Richard Fawkes (Suecudac Tishka)

Water = Wine


Path: Thrysus | Order: Free Council | Legacy: Tamer of Rivers
Virtue: Temperance | Vice: Pride | Concept: Balance
Age: 29

Intelligence—2 | Strength—1 | Presence——-2
Wits—————2 | Dexterity-4 | Manipulation-4
Resolve———-3 | Stamina—-3 | Composure——3

Mental: Academics 1 | ^Crafts 2 | Medicine 3 (Emergency care) | Occult 2 | ^Science 2
Physical: Athletics 1 | Brawl 1 | Firearms 2 (Pistol) | Weaponry 3 (swords)
Social: Animal Ken 1 | Empathy 4 | Expression 1 | ^Persuasion 4 | Socialize 2 | Subterfuge 1

Health: 8 | Damage: None
Willpower: 6 | Points: 6

Size: 5 | Speed: 10
Defense: 2 | Armor: 1/0 , 4/6 (-1 Def)
Initiative: +8

Wisdom: 6
Irrationality (mild)

Striking looks 2
Resources 2
Allies: Hospital Staff 2
Allies: Police 1
Fast Reflexes 1
Fighting Finesse: Rapier 2
Fighting Style: Fencing 4
Enhanced Weapon (+ damage) 1
High Speech 1
Status: Free Council 1
Status: Blackthorn Council 1
Library^ 1 (pick a subject)
Sanctum Size^ 1
Sanctum Security^ 1
Hallow^ 1

Gnosis: 5
Mana: 14 | Max: 14 | Per Turn: 5

Life 4
Matter 3
Spirit 2

Rote Spells
180 10 Life 1 Cleanse the Body
183 10 Life 2 Self Purging
196 9 Matter 2 Alter Accuracy
245 8 Spirit 1 Coaxing the Spirits

1st: Refresh the Waters
197 8 Matter 2 Transmute Water – This is identical to the spell except that I can only change liquid to or from something water based. If the volume is less than a gallon, no roll is neccessary.
181 9 Life 1 Healer’s Trance – This is identical to the spell.

2nd: Mold the Waters
196 10 Matter 2 Shape Liquid – This is identical to the spell.
186 11 Life 3 Healing Heart – This is identical to the spell. It can be used 5 times per scene. The first use is free. The rest cost 1 mana.

Reinforced Clothing: Rating 1/0, Str. 1, Defense 0, Speed 0
This is a long black leather coat he regularly wears.
Enhanced Bullet Proof Vest: Rating 4/6, Str. 1, Defense -1, Speed 0
This will be worn if heavy combat is expected and there is time enough to grab/don it. It is stored in the Safe room.

Circle of Life
His weapon of choice
Taurus Model 22 H Revolver: 2(L) 40/80/160 2/L Armor Piercing 1
This may change

Dedicated Magical Tools
Path Tool: A Celtic Cross necklace
Arcana Tool: A globe filled with holy water. It was a gift from Camile

Other Equipment
library card (public) +1
internet connection +1
access to a university library (SUNY Plattsburgh) +2
High-grade tool set (for painting and drawing) +1
military surgical kit +2
alchemy lab +?
haute couture (pictured) +1 unique custom made clothing, alluring
alluring cologne


Check the Tomes for my backstory. I really ought to link it.

-I am currently staying at Zhi’s Kung Fu Dojo in one of the spare rooms.
-It was already Zhi’s Sanctum, so I just added some resources to it.
-I do sleep around a little as a quick and fun way of picking up a bundle of mana. You know, just doing my part to ensure that the eagle at the top of Macdonough monument doesn’t fly off. Currently only the good Dr. Owens has had the pleasure since my return.
-I’ve only been back for a couple of weeks, and in that time I was taking kung fu lessons because I suck at hand-to-hand.
-I’ve only just started reestablishing myself in town which is why my dots for allies is at 1 and 1. During the Harvester Slayings, I was a familiar face with a lot of cops and hospital workers, and known to be pretty dependable. But it’s been about five years. Various people have come and gone. There’s still a good many old faces, but a lot are new too.
-I met a few people just by poking my nose around. Got introduced to Officer Sterling and knew she was a bit different from your run of the mill vanilla mortal. I’d been discreetly using different detection spells while going about town to try and gather any clues. I figured she could be helpful.
-Generally, the third weekend in every month I plan to take a trip up to Montreal under the pretense of checking up on the club I’m a partial owner of. It’s also a chance to get news and things from the mage council there. Loredo is the council liaison to Heng and me, but he’s a dick and I don’t like having to do things through him.
-I’m taking an evening class with professor Sturm to brush up on occult studies. Being a mage you would figure that I know this stuff, but I don’t know jack.
-I’m a little bit of a drinker. I mean come on, I can basically take anything water based and turn it into alcohol, pretty much all of the time.

Richard Fawkes (Suecudac Tishka)

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