Scott Tremaine

Trust me, I'm quite aware of what can get published by the P-R and what needs to stay on the D-L. Reputations can be ruined with a few misplaced words or clicks.


Rocky Road mortal
Age 26

Virtue: Temperance | Vice: Pride


•Intelligence 3 | Wits 2 | Resolve 3

•Strength 2 | Dexterity 2 | Stamina 2

•Presence 2 | Manipulation 2 | Composure 3


•Mental: Academics 2 | Computer 3 (Data Retrieval Specialty)| Crafts 2 (Computer Specialty) | Investigation 1| Medicine 1| Occult 1|Politics 1
•Physical: Athletics 1| Brawl 1|Larceny 1|Weaponry 1
•Social: Empathy 1|Expression 2 (Newspaper Articles Specialty)| Persuasion 1| Socialize 1 | Streetwise 1| Subterfuge 1 (Spotting Lies Specialty)

Merits: Eidetic Memory 2 |Resources 1| Allies (Police) 1 | Allies (The Press) 1 | Contacts 1 |Status (City Businesses) 1|

Health 7 | Willpower 6 | Size 5 | Defense 2 | Initiative Mod 5 | Speed 9 |Morality 7


Known as Scotty to almost everyone. (Childhood nickname not in any related to Star Trek.)

Dislikes the term “computer geek.” Prefers “Highly technoliterate.”

owner/proprietor/et al of the BSOD Fix-It shop at 53 Clinton Street and lives above the same.
(BSOD = Blue Screen of Death) He’s the tech support/go-to guy for a lot of city businesses (including the police.) The actual storefront is open only certain hours due to his hectic schedule but he’s reliably reachable by his phone.

Is an undergrad at PSU majoring in Journalism with a computer science/social media double minor. He is interning at the Press-Republican as part of his studies.

is GM of an ongoing M&MWV (Magic & Mystics, Werewolves, and Vampires) campaign.

Met Sterling when she inquired about the opening in his gaming group (from his flier at The Planet) and has gotten to be good friends with her-hanging out outside of game, camping with the outdoor club on campus.

Scott Tremaine

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