I am a leaf on the wind...


Zephyr: Airtouched Elemental, Autumn Court

A young woman in her mid twenties, Zephyr doesn’t look like she should be in the shop she runs, much less own it. She has pale skin and freckles, but she’s still miles away from liquid paper whiteface. Her hair usually looks disheveled, like she had to wander through a tornado to get there, but on her it looks surprisingly good. That disheveled hair is almost always put up with a barrette with a maple leaf on it that changes color throughout the day. She wears a lot of flowing clothes, long baggy sleeves, skirts, etc., and sandals, even in the winter time.

Her features tend to seem less substantial, more smokey or hazy. This is only really noticed when she’s standing still, though that doesn’t happen often. Her hair is constantly in motion, as if there’s a fan on near her that no one else can see. Or feel. Or hear. the freckles on her face and arms will shift and move around, more vigorously when she gets upset.


Zephyr isn’t her real name, but she adopted it shortly after opening her little shop Dannemora, which can only be described as “new age.” Well, that’s the polite term for it. Most people (even the people that shop there) think of it as “That place with all the hippie junk.” that’s right kids, incense in the front, “water pipes” in the back.

Zephyr is another Lorekeeper, and probably one of the more obvious ones. If you’re looking for something a little weird, a little “new age,” then where would you go first? That’s right, to the hippies. She specializes in… specialty items of a mind-expanding nature. Of course, like the rest of her team, she can get her hands on anything (practically), but you don’t go to Picasso when you want a map drawn, do you?


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