House Rules

Characters begin with 112 Experience points and 8 “Power Stat only” xp (updated every session) to make sure a new character isn’t too far behind the rest of the party.

Fighting Style Merits:

  • When a character is using her fighting style in combat, she may add half of her dots in the merit (rounded down) as a bonus to her die pool. This includes, but is not limited to, Kung Fu, Combat Marksmanship, and Fencing.


  • When a player wants to learn a skill, merit, or supernatural ability from another one of the party members, the XP cost is cut in half, to represent the ease of convincing the trainer to impart his knowledge to a fellow party member.
  • The trainer gains some XP for going over the things he has already mastered. For every dot he trains, he gains one XP.
  • For a mage teaching another mage one of his arcana, he also gains one arcane experience point for every three experience points he earns from training another. For example, if he teaches three students one point of Time each, he would gain both three experience points and one arcane experience to represent both learning the techniques of his magic as well as improving his innate understanding of it.

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House Rules

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