The Enforcers

“People of Plattsburgh! We are here to protect you. fear not the monsters under your bed or hiding in your closet. They are but flesh and blood, and even they are afraid of something. They are afraid of us!”

The Enforcers consider themselves modern-day superheroes. They openly display their powers and abilities while pursuing “Justice.” The group consists of two mages; Harper and Tabitha, a werewolf, Sherri, and a changeling, Jason. At least, those four make up the “public face” of the group. There is rumored to be one more member of the team, but he/she/it has never actually been seen.

The team is generally willing to fight the “good fight” and protect the innocent. However, they are much more lethal in their application of justice. They appear to have no qualms killing perpetrators if they deem them unable to be rehabilitated (which is most of them), and they simply kill the more “monstrous” criminals (such as undead, hosts, Zir, etc.) outright. At times they have been known to go looking for a fight or instigating one form of confrontation or another.

Interactions with the Party

The party first encountered the group when Sherri opened fire on Elijah and called for backup when Elijah cut off Sherri’s hand with three well-placed bullets. The party stepped in before The Enforcers could kill Elijah, blaming him for the string of deaths of supernatural creatures recently.

The Enforcers

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