Zhi's Opinions

The Party:

Richard: If he didn’t save my life, he at least saved my sanity. He’s been a true friend to me for the past five years, and I can never repay him for that. A bit of a drinker, I haven’t actually seen him pay for his own drinks in the last three years. I’m just glad that his own brews just make him giggle like a school girl and make googley eyes at women for half the night.

Alexis: I’m not sure what I think about her. She’s asked me for some hand to hand training a few times, but I haven’t really gotten to talk with her a whole lot. I’m not too thrilled about what she said about not trusting Richard, but I suppose a vampire doesn’t trust too many people.

Davey: Seems to be a friendly guy; well, other than when he activates that elemental ability and starts latching onto big bad vampires. It’s hard not to laugh when he “hits on” (or verbally bludgeons) Lorekeeper Annabelle, but I’ll keep up the charade that it’s not funny as long as I’m fairly certain she might try to take my eyes if I laugh.

Sterling: I’ve known Sterling for a little while now. She’s the kind of cop that ends up at the wrong place at the time she’s most needed. Unfortunately, the higher ups in Albany had their heads too far up the asses to see how good she is, especially the fact that she’s a seer. (Shrug) Oh well. Their loss, our gain. She’s good people, and we can use all the good people we can get.

Maxwell: Being the Alpha of the (rapidly shrinking) werewolf pack in Plattsburgh cannot be good on his psyche. I know how loss can mess with someone. It doesn’t matter that he’s a werewolf—he’s still a person who is losing his family faster than he should have to deal with. It’s obvious he’s taken the role of caretaker of his pack very seriously, very emotionally. I don’t want to see him lose it—whether it’s in the middle of a battle or next to the body of a packmate post-melee, I don’t think anyone will want to be near him when his Rage gets the better of him.

After Jacob died, I’m letting Maxwell stay at the dojo for a while. I’d rather he’s not off by his lonesome after that.



Gabe: What I do know about him is that he’s essentially a vampiric assassin, but I haven’t seen him attack anyone who didn’t have it coming. He tried to draw a bunch of the cultists away from the rest of the group expecting to get killed in the battle. I respect him.


Ben Harper: Ben’s a good guy. A little too laid back, and probably not that safest driver, and tends to ramble for hours, but still a good guy. Always willing to lend a hand, and he’s always fixed up the Jeep whenever I need him to. He’ll even charge a little less since I know he’s cheating with magic.

Celeris: She acts like she doesn’t know what’s going on, but I can see how she’s always looking around and keeping track of everything. She seems friendly enough, though, and since she’s joining our cabal, I’d like to see what other skills besides her Arcana.

Loredo Malgrove: Loredo is a douchebag, plain and simple. He thinks he’s better than anyone around him simply because he’s a higher up in the Silver Ladder. Despite being a powerful mage, he doesn’t try to help anyone but himself. I’m actually trying to make a difference using the power I’ve gained, and he just sits on his ass and tells me I’m doing it wrong. He can bounce on it.

Something Richard and I found out: Loredo is in a much better mood if you catch him in the morning with information regarding rule breakers, a la the Matrix Tappers.

Zhi's Opinions

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