Circle of Life

Sword Cane with a Rapier blade

weapon (melee)

Type Rapier
Damage 3 (L) 9 again
Size 2/L
Durability 9
Structure 11
Notes Armor Piercing 1

Durability – This is akin to the “armor” of an object. It is 0 vs. aggravated damage.
Structure – This is akin to the “health” of an object. When it has taken damage beyond its durability, the object incurs a -1 penalty. Aggravated damage done to it can only be repaired through supernatural means and when the damage done equals its last point of Structure, it is destroyed.
Armor Piercing – Less dice are taken out of an attack roll due to armor.
Enhanced Equipment Bonus – A +1 was purchased at character creation. It is permanent and there is no option to dispel it. If this bonus ever becomes higher than 4, (double the weapon’s normal equipment bns.) than it causes Disbelief whenever Sleepers witness its use.
Alter Integrity – This is a covert, lasting spell. There is no option to dispel it. I’m ruling that you can only get as high on it as your dice pool for casting it can possibly go.
Alter Accuracy – This is a covert spell given an infinite duration. It has a Potency of 6 for the purposes of trying to dispel it. It currently counts against my active spells, and I have the option of dismissing it.
Paradox – Enhanced items’ properties do not invoke Paradoxes, although they might invoke Disbelief in Sleepers if their properties are clearly impossible.


This sword was given as a gift to Richard from Camille after he achieved his first attainment in the Tamer of Rivers Legacy. Recently he began improving it. He hopes to imbue a spell or two in it some time in the future.

Circle of Life

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