Claw of Malice

A tattoo powered by a spirit of Rage


Type: Fetish (Tattoo)

Activation: When activated, the Claw of Malice shines with a bright silver light. It does the following things:

  1. It adds 3 automatic successes to any successful attack from a werewolf’s claw or bite attack.
  2. It forces a roll to resist Death Rage every round that it is active.
    • For every three rounds that it is active, the user suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to this roll as well as on any roll made to de-activate the fetish.

The Claw of Malice cannot be de-activated unless the user makes a successful Resolve + Composure – current total penalties roll or enters kuruth, in which case the fetish remains active during kuruth and deactivates after the scene concludes.


Claw of Malice

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