Gem of Shadow's Mists

A jet black gem with grey mists that seem to swirl through it


-This gem can be bonded to any melee weapon. Only the being currently holding onto the weapon the gem is attached to can unbond it by speaking the word “Carnak”.

-It is an instant action to bond/unbond. You must be able to speak to unbond it.

-The mists will swirl faster when any very powerful spirits are nearby. This is within 30 yards. I haven’t decided which is the lowest level of spirits it will detect yet.

-With the weapon it is attached to it gives a +2 on all attack dice pools vs. any spirit or spirit claimed (but not a spirit ridden). This attack bonus is also applied against werewolves with a spiritual rank of 4 or higher.


This is a minor artifact supposedly from a time when the Khaibit bloodline were a bit more like demon hunters and fought various evil Spirit Lords who sought dominion over the world.

Alexis found in a practically inaccessable antechamber in AuSable Chasm.

Gem of Shadow's Mists

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